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ELKEN's Product

Elken, The King of Spirulina Published on May 2, 2007 in Elken Products on Elken Spirulina Elken Spirulina is one of the best spirulina in the market and has been consumed by more 10 million people worldwide. Compare our health food with other sources of nutrients to see which has a higher nutritional value.

Elken Spirulina Composition Published on April 11, 2007 in Elken Products on Elken Spirulina If you are consuming Elken spirulina tablets, or are planning to, you might want to read this to know what exactly does this little tablet contains. You might be surprised at the many types of essential nutrients packed into this super food.

Applications of Reverse Osmosis Published on April 7, 2007 in Elken Products on Bio Pure� Reverse Osmosis We all know reverse osmosis is a process that produces clean water. But how much do we know about the applications of this purified water? Besides drinking uses, this technology is used to supply water to many other large industries.

Bio Pure Worldwide Acceptance Published on April 7, 2007 in Elken Products on Bio Pure� Reverse Osmosis Elken Bio Pure R.O Purification System is a world recognised product that has been certified and approved by many organisations. It has also received the prestigious Gold Seal of Quality.


The 21st century – it marks remarkable milestones in technological progress, yet it also marks an era when potent strains of viruses, modern diseases and epidemics spread waves of panic on a global scale.

Adding to that, the six problems of the modern age, namely air pollution, water contamination, daily stress, a lack of exercise, erratic lifestyles and an unbalanced diet further act on our semi-healthy condition, weakening its natural healing ability.

With an understanding of modern needs, ELKEN’s approach to optimal health, through a four-step process based on Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) concept, is now acknowledged as one of the most acceptable therapy concept for modern living.

A brainchild of the U.S. Congress’s Special Committee of Nutrient Investigation (SCNI) established in 1975, the MRT concept was first introduced through a 5,000-page report titled Elements Required by Human and Nutrients fronted by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling after an in-depth study on nutrition.

Also known as the Cell Reform Therapy, the MRT advocates that the human body will not fall sick as long as the body cells are receiving balanced nutrients regularly – free from metabolic abnormalities at cellular level. Accordingly, The ELKEN MRT emphasises on feeding the body with four life-supporting elements to achieve optimal health.



  Some 300,000 distributors now work with ELKEN and our network continues to grow every day. Like our Super Achievers, all our distributors including the newest recruit benefit from the following advantages when they come to ELKEN.

A direct selling company that understands your dreams
At ELKEN, we advocate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit. Our greatest desire is to help people achieve their dreams, while sharing the potential for human wellness with the world. We offer equal opportunity to all our distributors through fair commissions, rewards and attractive incentives, such as overseas travel, dream house and luxury cars. Our current ELKEN product portfolio offers more than 150 marketable, high quality products manufactured according to stringent standards. Many of these products have received awards and international recognition.

Global business expanding opportunities
Elken is committed to making a difference by sharing its benefits with the world. We offer you a business without bounds, a global market in which to do business. As of 2002, ELKEN has spread beyond Malaysia, with offices already established in Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok, Hatyai and Phitsanulok), Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, Bandung and Tangerang), Brunei, Hong Kong and India - taking our International presence to 7 countries strong & growing. And with the expansion of ELKEN into other countries currently underway, the world is waiting to join in. As a registered ELKEN distributor, your business opportunities are endless. You can sponsor friends and relatives in these countries as your down-lines, and in this way, continue to expand your business wherever there is an ELKEN office.

ELKEN provides a solid platform for self-growth, individually and collectively. At ELKEN we believe in knowledge empowerment. In the mature market that ELKEN is operating, more than 2,000 ISO registered skill enhancement training programs are conducted annually to unleash the entrepreneur spirit & the full potential of our distributors from diverse strata of society. ELKEN believes in Total Training - in self confidence, leadership, health and beauty related knowledge, presentation skills, system education and marketing skills. Every ELKEN distributor enjoys unlimited access to our trainings. Besides economic independence, the ELKEN experience has granted people a sense of self - actualisation.

Great Financial Rewards
ELKEN allows you to take charge of your financial destiny. You will enjoy looking and feeling great while having a healthy bank account that's growing daily through the well - designed ELKEN's Double Bonus Marketing Plan.

ELKEN's Double Bonus Marketing Plan integrates the two most widely used Leadership Bonus systems in the industry, i.e., the Block System and the Point Sharing System, to provide distributors with 9 lucrative incentives under 4 major entitlements:     Retailing Profit
  Performance Bonus
Manager Achievement Bonus
Manager Bonus
Leadership Bonus
Year-end Bonus Incentives:
Car Fund
House Fund
Travelling Fund

At ELKEN, we pay tribute to excellence. We reward our distributors at each milestones on their journey to the top with various motivating awards and incentive systems. ELKEN solutes our distributors’ achievements, both big or small, through more than 200 recognition events, some of them attracting thousands of people. Among the events are Winners’ Nite, Regional Awards Nite, Crown Nite and State Award Nite. Your achievements prove that you CAN DO IT whatever others may say. You are a WINNER!

Total Customer Satisfaction
We care for and respect our distributors, as you are ELKEN’s first line of customers. We provide you with facilities, knowledge and practical training to develop your full potential.

As part of Total Customer Satisfaction and to help you succeed, ELKEN offers you speedy and prompt services and friendly staff to assist you in various ways. You can also enjoy convenient accessibility to ELKEN on our 24-hour online service that enables you to check your sales volume anywhere; it is just a click away.

In addition, ELKEN SMS service will update distributors on their sales volume top-up. The SMS is a crucial assistant to the busy distributor who is always running on tight schedule. To ensure distributors can obtain ELKEN products easily and conveniently, ELKEN has established an extensive network of branches and stockist centres that provides wide coverage.

ELKEN’s impeccable customer support facilities are also available for the convenience of our distributors. We offer an exclusive discussion area, tastefully furnished lounge, a training hall and meeting rooms for distributors to conduct recruiting and group discussions.

Adding a new dimension to distributor convenience is our EK One Retail Outlet, a well-laid out, brightly lit one-stop shopping centre for you to purchase ELKEN products. All the ELKEN products are systematically displayed on the shelves for your selection.

This is so that whenever someone thinks about services, trainings, systems, direct selling or a future career, ELKEN will be foremost in their minds because of its personalised service and corporate culture. With such level of commitment, we can build, maintain and sustain a World Class Service fit for a World Class ELKEN.

At ELKEN, you are recognised as an important member of the big, happy ELKEN Family that boasts more than 300,000 registered ELKEN distributors in 7 countries. ELKEN offers many activities that are specially designed to promote togetherness and mutual support including more than 2,000 training sessions each year, glamorous recognition events, festive Open House and fun carnivals. Some of our highly acclaimed leadership and self-development training sessions focus on team activities, games and the power of togetherness that will help you to self-actualize your dreams. ELKEN is more than just a business opportunity. Through the spirit of togetherness and team unity, our ELKEN distributors also get to enjoy a social life and learn self-development.

Be part of Elken; one of Malaysia's Top 5 "Best People Developers" Elken is a young, dynamic and international company that enjoys a leading position in the exciting direct marketing industry. We are proud to be voted as 1 of 5 Malaysia's "Best People Developers" in a poll jointly conducted by Deloitte KassimChan and The Edge. (August 2003)

We are a results-driven organization, filled with people who are eager to make a difference, where values and professionalism count, and industry experts steer our success.

As a caring employer, we are committed to offering every employee the opportunity to learn, collaborate, contribute and develop, thus ensuring continuous improvement in their career and personal development.

This is an exciting time to be part of Elken as we embark on our dynamic expansion into the international arena. We are searching for more dynamic people who are keen to learn the business and help shape Elken's international image.

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